Chill Vibe, Killer Tattoos. 

At A-line tattoo, we know that you want what you want when it comes to your tattoos.  Our job is to ensure you get the tattoo you want, with the assurance you’ll leave happy, and stay happy with your tattoo for a lifetime.

Who Are We? 

We are humble artists making our way through the world the best way we know how.  By providing professional friendly service to the community and those who visit it.  We stand behind our work and listen to our customers’ wants and needs.

Our Origins.

Through a chain of random events, a Maritimer and an Aussie met up and decided it was time to make a tattoo studio to work and grow out of.  Ryan Patrick moved to BC in early 2017 and worked for a local shop for almost 5 years. Matt Dennis also moved to the area around the same time.  Collectively with almost 15 years in the industry, Matt and Ryan aim to ensure your tattoo dreams become a reality.

Our Art, Your Skin.

At A-Line Tattoo we aim to provide the highest quality tattoos possible while delivering unrivaled customer service. We are committed to maintaining a safe, sterile and professional environment, with a chill and welcoming vibe.  We always endeavor to create a positive and memorable experience